Dana Improves Mobility of Compact, Hydrostatic-Drive Off-Highway Vehicles through Disconnect Feature

Dana Holding Corporation recently introduced an upgraded drivetrain system for compact, hydrostatic-driven off-highway vehicles with an optional disconnect feature that offers improved performance.

Designed for wheeled excavators, telescopic boom handlers, and front-end loaders, the system includes the enhanced, two-speed Spicer® Model 367 shift-on-fly hydrostatic transmission with improved shift quality and a disconnect option that allows the vehicle to disengage one of the axles, which helps to reduce power loss, fuel consumption, and tire wear.

“Equipment buyers demand increased versatility from their machinery, expecting them to perform efficiently and dependably at one worksite and then moving quickly to be deployed at the next worksite,” said Aziz Aghili, president of Dana Off-Highway Driveline Technologies. “This new system for compact construction equipment is the latest in a series of Dana innovations that improve productivity and reduce vehicle operating costs.”

Extremely compact and versatile, the Spicer Model 367 transmission is engineered with advanced gear-shifting technology that offers a slow working speed and a fast speed for traveling. It includes a hydraulic motor ranging from 55 to 110cc, and it can be remote mounted or directly flanged to Spicer components.

Other options include hydraulic shifting, gear-engagement and speed sensors, and an integrated spring-applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) parking brake.

Designed for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drivelines, the Spicer Model 211 industrial planetary steer axle has been upgraded to deliver improved wheel-end torque and load capacity, better brake performance, and reduced power loss in severe and high-speed applications.

Dana featured the Spicer Model 367 transmission and Spicer Model 211 axle at Intermat as part of a complete drivetrain system for a compact telescopic boom handler with 2.7- to 3.6 t lifting capacity.

It was configured with Spicer® PowerBoost® hydraulic-hybrid technology, which features a modular design that offers OEMs flexibility in hybrid control performance, including hydraulic start/stop functionality for use with electronically controlled powertrains, integration with hydraulic work circuits, and other options depending on customer powertrain configuration.

Source: Dana Holding Corporation


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