New Autogreaser Hose Monitoring Solution

FLO Components Ltd. has announced its introduction into Canada, of the new Hose Connection Control System (HCC) to monitor the grease lines in automatic greasing systems on trucks and heavy equipment (construction, road building, mining, etc.).

“Historically, regardless of the brand of Automatic Greasing System or operating principle used, one potential weakness has been that a break in a grease feed line (the final length of hose that connects to a bearing) would go undetected if a visual inspection is not conducted,” according to Mike Deckert, vice president of FLO Components Ltd. “The system would continue to operate without ever greasing the point with the broken line. Ultimately of course, the bearing could fail.”

The HCC is designed to check for breaks in the grease hose, and alerts the machine operator immediately if there is a fault in either the main line from the pump or in the feed lines to the bearing points.

The HCC includes the main analyzer unit, connectors that act as electric isolators between the grease lines and the grease metering valves, and connection cables to the analyzer. Grease hoses must be steel shielded to conduct electricity. As shown in the images of a demonstration panel provided by FLO, normal operation is indicated by a green light in the cab. In case of a fault, a signal is sent to the main analyzer and a red light alerts the operator there is a problem.

Requiring either 12V or 24 V DC, the analyzer unit can monitor from 10 to 20 hoses, depending on voltage and can be easily retrofitted into existing lubrication systems. The system has an operating pressure up to 300 bar (4,351 psi), can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F), and is not affected by line lengths, ambient temperature, pressure differential or pressure losses.

Source: FLO Components Ltd.

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