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CASE Construction has launched the new D Series Tier 4 final excavator line at their Tomahawk Customer Center.

On the surface of this new series are the typical dress-up features. Things like improved hand rails for accessibility on the upper deck, a useful addition that does not restrict access or visibility. Also a standard Bluetooth feature to the cabin stereo allows the operator to remain in control when needing to communicate via a mobile device. Probably the most welcomed of these features, from an operator’s perspective is the standard heated seat with a full range of adjustments for comfort.

These features offer an element of civility in what is generally considered a rough and ready environment, but they do not translate directly into productivity.

Fortunately CASE engineers understand that no matter how nice the paint scheme, the machine must pay its way by bailing dirt as smoothly and efficiently as is possible. This is where the D makes the grade.

The range for the new series currently extends from the 210 up to the 350 D, with new products still under consideration for development.

The Tomahawk Customer Center keeps a range of equipment from all product lines CASE produces. This permitted a realistic evaluation between the 300C and 300D models.

Superficially there is little to differentiate the C and the D Series, as is typical with an evolving genus. Look closer and you can begin to see subtle details that distinguish the current offering.

The creature comforts mentioned earlier, mask the attention to detail where it really counts. Pins, pin bosses, bushings have all been beefed up and also feature graphite impregnated material to increase service life and reduce service intervals. Combined with ProCare and the new telematics system, worry-free service and efficient asset management will serve to maintain operational status and uphold resale value.

But what the experienced operator will notice is the increase in the smooth flow of power. Both C and D are incredibly quiet and it is easy to assume the engine has shut down as both idle silently and smoothly. When the digging begins the differences start to be revealed.

The D version has a notable feel of power under control. You might say the C is like a young unbroken colt and the D is the same creature refined by discipline to be a thoroughbred. Where the C may snap, the D channels that energy into the task. Part of this is due to the regeneration between boom and arm that CASE has refined.

This efficient use of fluid power starts in the D with high flow variable displacement Kawasaki pumps, the output being channelled through larger bored valves and components. This permits not only faster response times, but improves feathering resulting in less chatter and noise from the hydraulic circuit. Cooling and lubrication of components is also improved as a result of this less restricted flow.

Excellent all around visibility, a comfortable pressurized cabin and luxurious seating will give even a modest operator the confidence to up their game, thus improving productivity.

More material moved, less fuel consumed, controllable service costs and a happy operator make the CASE D series excavator the shiny new tool in the sandpit that the other kids will envy. (R.H.)

Source: CASE Construction Equipment

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