Bauer BC 50 Cutter Used for Diamond Exploration in Canada

Whether for large-scale infrastructure projects such as metro stations, or for the sealing and strengthening of large dams, Bauer cutters are used around the world for complex specialist foundation engineering projects.

In Saskatchewan, a Bauer cutter will soon be used for a special task as part of diamond exploration – and will set a new depth record there! The BC 50 cutter on a MC 128 duty-cycle crane, equipped with the HDS 250 hose drum system, will be the first cutter in the world that will cut to a depth of 250 m for commercial purpose. These depths have never been reached before in any active project.

Bauer together with their local joint-venture partner, Nuna Logistics Limited, will aid Rio Tinto with exploration to research for diamonds in the kimberlite pipes. By using the cutter, large volumes can be excavated from great depths, which then allows for better assessment of the diamond content and quality of the deposits.

In addition to the cutter and the base carrier, BAUER Maschinen GmbH will supply BE-550 desanding equipment from its branch BAUER MAT Slurry Handling Systems and other accessories. Bauer will build and deliver the equipment by mid-2018 – work is planned to begin within the year. The execution of several individual holes that are currently planned will continue into 2019. If the expectations of Rio Tinto are fulfilled by the deposits and technology, then the scope of the work could significantly expand.

Source: BAUER Maschinen Group

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