Robust Scrap Processing Performance and Improved Sustainability
with Metso

Metso presented its extensive metal recycling product offering at the ISRI Convention and Exposition 2018 held April 14-19, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Metso experts were at the event to advise on how to choose the most suitable equipment for different types of metal recycling needs to secure optimal process efficiency, sustainability and reliability.

“At ISRI, we are addressing key trends in the metal recycling industry in North America. We are committed to driving sustainable improvements in performance and profitability in our customers’ businesses,” says Keith Carroll, vice president, Metal Recycling North America, Metso.

The common denominator among all Metso processing equipment solutions is their high efficiency and low energy consumption, and they are globally recognized as the benchmark for their product types. Likewise, their state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive service setup and the highest safety standards are appreciated and acknowledged by the industry. This is exemplified in Metso being named as AMM’s Scrap Equipment Provider of the Year for 2017 and being named as a finalist again for 2018.

In the last year and during the first quarter of 2018, Metso has continued to grow its installed base in North America and globally.

In the U.S., for example, a customer commissioned their new Texas Shredder equipment. Several customers have chosen Metso N-Series products, including NIS Incline Shears and the first U.S.-installed NCS Shear/Baler/Logger. Orders are in production to deliver and install new shears as well as the first Lindemann EtaRip PreShredder this fall.
In total, over 150 Metso shredders are currently in operation in North America alone, which represents about half of the total operating capacity in the market. Additionally, through the Lindemann and Metso N-Series brands, there are over 40 shear and baler installations currently in North America.

Metso’s offering for metal recycling is among the most comprehensive in the industry. Metso offers a full range of pre-shredders, automobile shredders, shears, balers, and briquetters, along with complete capabilities for developing custom solutions for its customers’ ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing needs.

Source: Metso Corporation

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