Steel Prize 2023 Finalists Nominated for Pioneering Designs



The jury has nominated 4 applications who stand to win the Swedish Steel Prize 2023. The nominated applications are innovative examples of cutting-edge technology, embracing the possibilities provided by the SSAB premium steel product range.

The winner will be announced May 11th, at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

“This year we’re excited to have nominees that point the way towards a more sustainable future. In fact, two applications in the field of mechanical batteries showed such innovative use of steel that we couldn’t decide between the two. So we nominated them both,” said Eva Petursson, chair of the Swedish Steel Prize jury and head of SSAB’s research and innovation.

The finalists and the jury’s motivations are:

DigJim from Norway – ultra-fast maintenance system

This user-driven innovation is a patented system designed for quick exchange of bucket protection parts on site. This solution is opening up for new flexible and sustainable ways of working with maintenance. In addition, by utilizing the strength as well as wear resistance of the material, an extended tooth design for DigJim system has documented increase in productivity in use.

For a new ultra-fast maintenance system with lower cost of ownership and increased productivity DigJim has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2023.


Gestamp from Spain – front lower control arm
In an application with challenging requirements, Gestamp is pushing material properties for strength and formability. This vital part of the chassis is crucial to everyday operation as well as to safety performance.

Utilizing advanced forming technology, this front lower control arm has an optimized single shell design, made possible by introducing a new material strength level.

For an optimized front lower control arm with performance increase, important weight reduction, as well as cost saving Gestamp has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2023.


Green Buffers from Sweden – new generation train coupling technology
Green Buffers is introducing high-strength steel for energy absorption between rail wagons for increased train safety. This new generation coupling technology opens up for more sophisticated custom design solutions, and offers an extended number of well-defined robust force levels for energy absorption. With a possibility to upgrade existing trains, the improved safety for railway transportation has potential for fast implementation.

With a completely new system supporting their vision – zero uncontrolled derailments related to collisions – Green Buffers has been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2023.

Levistor from the UK and ZOOZ from Israel – mechanical battery for fast charging
These high power mechanical batteries using a new flywheel steel design are sustainable solutions for a more sustainable world. Mechanical batteries offer increased service life, no degradation and a smaller material footprint compared to chemical batteries. In this upgraded steel solution, a safer operation is also achieved by replacing traditional flywheel designs with layers of high-strength steel, isolating failure and limiting damage.

With a new flywheel steel design for increased safety, extended service life and lower LCC in a 100% recyclable material, Levistor and ZOOZ have been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2023.


The World’s most prestigious steel prize
The Swedish Steel Prize celebrates engineering, cooperation and steel innovations that lead to a better and more sustainable world. It inspires engineers, designers and inventors to further explore the unlimited potential of steel.

More than just an award, the Swedish Steel Prize is a celebration of good engineering. It aims to recognize those who fully utilize the potential of steel characteristics to improve not only their own business or industry, but also society. It also promotes the sharing of knowledge, to inspire innovations that lead to a better world.

Winners of the Swedish Steel Prize display something special. They challenge the status quo and stand out with a method or a product that applies the unique characteristics of steel to create significant improvements in our world. Everyone is welcome to apply and, as history has shown, anyone can win.

Source: SSAB

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