New Motorway Link in Algeria



TREVI Algérie, the historic branch of the Trevi Group in Algeria, is engaged, on behalf of the general contractor MIkol and its customer Agence des Autoroutes (ADA), in the foundation works for the new motorway link Port of Oran to the East-West motorway, in north-western area of ​​the North African country.

The project of the 8 km motorway junction connecting the port of Oran to the 1st ring road, starts from the extension of the port of Oran, and aims to give fluidity to the already dense traffic, which has significantly increased in the past few years. The project itself is characterized by major works, viaducts and tunnels.

Trevi's work consists in the construction of the piers of the viaduct using foundation piles with a diameter of 1200 mm for a maximum depth of 46.5 m. The piles were made 100% with drilling mud and are equipped with tubes for sonic auscultation.

For these interventions, TREVI Algérie used pile machines, such as the Soilmec SR-45 and Soimec SR-60 and also the Soilmec SC-80 service crane.

Source: Trevi Group

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