44th Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar

Once again, this annual event was held in Mississauga. With nearly 500 participants, exhibitors and seminar goers had much to talk about.

For over forty years the CFMS has brought together fleet management professionals with a mandate to educate and inform. By bringing together personnel from the various transportation, municipal and contractor fleets a wealth of insight and experience can be shared. These individuals who are responsible for the daily maintenance and repair operations of diverse fleets have many problems in common and the CFMS provides a venue to exchange solutions to aid and support others in the field.

The inclusion of a variety of vendors allows industry experts to update participants on new and emergent technologies and products. It also affords some trans-discipline exchange of ideas between on-road, off-road and specialist fleet managers and suppliers. The result being that many come away with what may appear to be new ideas or innovations to them that actually have field proven results and documented histories from other sectors. Such an opportunity should be seized upon by engine and drive train suppliers as well as specialty products and equipment manufacturers to showcase the diversity of the fleet management industry.

If you are unfamiliar with the CFMS you can visit their website www.cfms.com and make your plans to attend the 45th Anniversary seminar series in 2008. If you are involved in mining, construction, forestry or other fleet management areas it may be worthwhile to put this event on your calendar. (R.H.)

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