Environmentally Friendly Dust Control Solution

Before considering using a traditional dust control product on gravel roads, which are renowned for their varied results and environmental issues, Cypher International Ltd. recommends its newly developed innovative Dust Stop product. Dust Stop is unique to any other product on the market today because of the advantages it possesses over the alternatives - including its availability in powder form, its environmental characteristics (toxicology reports are available upon request) and last but certainly not least, its unrivaled effectiveness.

In the past there have been many dilemmas regarding dust particulate emissions and the various dust control products that were available to combat these problems. Issues such as human health, the environment, application procedures, effectiveness and cost were all posing serious problems regarding the dust; and the prevention thereof. Dust Stop was designed specifically for ease of application, longevity of results and to be non-toxic to the environment, all of which specifically address the problems that once existed in the dust control industry that are noted above. Dust Stop is truly unique in that it can perform better than any liquid dust control products, but due to the savings in weight, the powder form of the product allows for significant savings in shipping/storage expenses as well.

Another major advantage that Dust Stop possesses is that, although it was developed in Canada, it has been formulated to be effective on a wide range of soil types and applications. Thus it can be utilized to combat hazardous dust on soils found all over the world, not just in North America alone. Therefore since the product is so highly versatile it should be considered as a valuable asset for any rural or urban dust control requirements found worldwide.

Dust Stop truly is a results oriented product that meets the needs of even the strictest dust control requirements. Not only will the product prevent dust, but it is also utilized for its soil stabilization/erosion control capabilities as well as on a wide range of applications other than roads.

Source: Cypher International Ltd.

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