The PicBucket® Excavates a Pool Site in Far Less Time!

François Labbé, on assignment for Corporation Power Tech Inc.,
Special Collaboration


Excavation Couville is a well-respected firm from the greater Montreal area, specializing in close quarter or hard-to-access excavation jobs, like in-ground pools in back yards. One of the area's most popular pool installation companies relies on Couville to get the job done. Couville's fleet of Kubota equipment includes two KX-121 mini excavators and a loader. In the words of Sylvain Villeneuve, president of Excavation Couville, "If you want to get ahead in this business, you need the right equipment." Over the years, he has been faced with many challenges, and every close quarter excavation site has its own particular difficulties.

Mr. Villeneuve had heard about the PicBucket but was skeptical about the potential performance of a tool that combines the force of a hydraulic hammer with the digging power of a conventional bucket. After discussing it with PowerTech specialists, he understood the technical specs and capacities and how they applied to his work sites. "On paper it looked great," he said, "but the real test was the work site."

Reality test...
In-ground pool excavation in tight work sites requires precise planning and execution. Generally, contractors would use two types of equipment for a job like this: an excavator to dig the whole and another to remove debris and shuttle back and forth between the hole and the dump truck in the front of the house.

Given the fact that it is the client who chooses the pool's location based on esthetics, contractors uncover unexpected surprises once the digging begins. In western Montreal, it is not uncommon to find sandstone, limestone, schist and even dolomite hiding beneath the surface ­ all of which can make the excavation difficult.

Sylvain Villeneuve was waiting for just such a surprise. He wanted to put the 31 cm, 1000 Series PicBucket to the test on the Kubota KX-121-2. It did not take long before he was convinced. First off, you do not need any special training to use the PicBucket, because it works just like a conventional bucket. The work was completed without a hitch and everyone on the site was amazed. The bucket acts like a hydraulic hammer with the digging power of a conventional excavator. You can even remove debris with it. "I saved a lot of time by removing debris as I broke the surface. There was less moving around with the equipment. Usually, with a conventional bucket all I can do is break new ground. With the PicBucket, I can clear the work area as well and keep better track of my progress."

"With a conventional hammer, this type of work site would have required far more man/machine hours. I got this job done in far less time thanks to the PicBucket. For us, productivity means profit; for our clients it means the job gets done quickly and that keeps them happy."

The ideal tool...
The excavating power of the 1000 Series bucket combined with its 200 ft lbs of striking power make the PicBucket an ideal tool for excavators ranging from 3,5 to 7 t. In contrast to mini excavators with conventional buckets that often lack power when it comes to hard, clay or frozen ground, the PicBucket gets the job done in record time.

The Series 1000 PicBucket is an important accessory for any mini excavator. On jobs like trenching, excavation and light demolition, it will increase the productivity and profitability of your machines.

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