Subaru Introduces
Rugged Diaphragm Pump


Adding to its successful lines of centrifugal, high pressure, trash and semi-trash pumps, Subaru introduces the PTX301D diaphragm pump. Featuring 7,6 cm suction and discharge ports, the self-priming PTX301D pumps up to 950 l/min at a maximum pressure of 1,45 bar. It boasts a maximum suction lift of 7,6 m and a maximum lift head of 15 m.

The design completely isolates the pump mechanism from the fluid being moved, making the model ideal for pumping abrasives, slurries, re-circulated water and other high-solid-material content, up to 12,7 cm, that cannot be handled by a centrifugal pump. There are no moving parts, so the pump can run dry indefinitely. The positive displacement-type, hermetically sealed compression chamber prevents loss of gases and liquids being moved, while the large shock-reducing air cushion chamber decreases shock on the hoses.

The pump is powered by a 7 hp Subaru EX21 overhead cam air-cooled four-cycle gasoline engine, which meets the strictest environmental regulations. A pent roof combustion chamber provides a high compression ratio, while an automatic decompression system allows for easier starting, reducing the required recoil pulling force by 30 to 40% over other engines. The 3,6 l tank allows for a 2 hrs run time at full load. A low-oil shutdown system prevents the engine from running should lubrication levels drop, protecting the engine from potential damage. A U.S. Forestry Service-approved spark arrestor also comes standard, lessening noise and the chance of igniting nearby combustibles.

Designed to handle the rigors of construction and rental applications, the PTX301D's inner casing is constructed of hard cast iron and the entire pump is enclosed within a steel roll cage for further protection. The pump uses a high-quality silicon carbide mechanical seal, and the durable diaphragm is replaceable, adding to the pump's long service life. The engine's heavy-duty piston rings and cast-iron cylinder liner resist wear, and a dual ball bearing crankshaft support offers maximum stability.

Source: Robin America, Inc.

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