Système APM Rolls Out Innovative UpRight Aerial Work Platform


Following a successful Rental Show in Quebec earlier this year, Système APM has taken delivery of an innovative aerial work platform from UpRight.

The UpRight SL30SL works like a conventional heavy duty scissor lift but utilizes a sigma arm type lift mechanism with a unique self-leveling chassis, for use on rough and uneven terrain.

Système APM, UpRight's official distributor in Canada, ordered its first three SL30s after a demonstration model at the Quebec Rental Association show won new admirers.

The SL30SL Speed Level provides a working height of up to 11 m and automatic platform levelling on slopes or uneven ground. Rough terrain features include 4WD, an oscillating front axle and high grip tires, providing 19°/35% gradeability.

"Innovative, practical and simple to use machines help UpRight stand out from the rest of the access equipment manufacturers," said Martin Beaudet at Système APM.

"UpRight is a company with a long heritage, which has gone through some rough times. But the new owners have a real focus on customer service, which makes it easy to sell UpRight machines," he added.

The Tanfield Group Plc, a UK-based company, acquired the aerial lift division of UpRight International in June 2006. The re-branded business, returning to its original name of UpRight, has since enjoyed phenomenal success under its new owners.

Machines are manufactured at a 23 000 m2 facility in the UK which has increased output six-fold since June 2006.

The number of access platforms in the revived UpRight range has more than doubled - to over 20 - and the company is on course to have a full line of products - in all volume sectors - in production by early 2008.


The product range to date includes trailer mounted boom lifts, small to medium scissor lifts and small to medium articulated boom lifts. A range of push-around personnel lifts, plus unique machines like the ultra-compact TM12 and the all - terrain SL26 and SL30 complete the current offering.

UpRight has also reintroduced machine assembly in North America - presently from a 6500 m2 facility in Fresno, California. A larger facility of between 23 000 m2 and 28 000 m2, which will manufacture a full range of UpRight products for North America, is planned to open later this year.

Richard Tindale, sales and marketing director for UpRight Powered Access, said: "The order book has grown directly in line with the increase of our global network of independent distributors.

"Our strategy of appointing high quality, full-service distributors like Système APM means end users and rental companies know they have a high level of support for their machines in the field and ready access to spare parts.

"This gives them the confidence to buy UpRight, because they know we can keep their lifts working," concluded Martin Beaudet.

Source: Tanfield Plc


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