Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan and PS 1000 X-Scan Radar Detection System

Scanning, analyzing, and interpreting what’s beneath the concrete has never been faster or easier.  The Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan, now equipped with an additional sensor for live wire detection and the Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan, are the industry’s easiest-to-use tools for self-performing concrete inspections.
The Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan System determines the position and diameter of rebar present in concrete to help avoid rework on the jobsite.  With the PS 250, users can quickly scan large areas of concrete easily to locate and assess the steel reinforcement concealed beneath the surface of a concrete structure at depths from 10 to 15 cm depending on rebar size. 

Areas such as concrete decks and walls, beams, square-edged columns and critical areas of tunnels and bridges can now be analyzed with a clear 2D image of the reinforcement on the monitor for on-the-spot structural analysis and depth of cover assessment or printing.

The system consists of a hand-guided scanner with color display, a portable monitor unit for on-site use and all accessories necessary for creating image scans.  The durable FS 250 Ferroscan has a rubber coated housing for jobsite protection and is resistant to water and dust in typical jobsite conditions.

The PS 1000 X-Scan Radar Detection System is designed to product large-area images of what’s inside concrete structures.  The PS 1000 X-Scan has been updated to now include the EM Sensor.  The EM sensor allows detecting live electrical cables (50/60 Hz) buried up to 76 mm in the concrete. 

The PS 250 and PS 1000 X-Scan are covered by Hilti’s Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage.

Source: Hilti


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