Harnois Énergies Begins Decarbonizing its Transportation Fleet


Harnois Énergies is proud to be the first company in Canada to reserve 5 Peterbilt 579 trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This purchase marks the start of Harnois Énergies' initiative to decarbonize its transportation fleet. These GHG emission-free trucks are scheduled for delivery in early 2026 by supplier Peterbilt Motors Company, a PACCAR subsidiary.

"This exciting project offers the company a way to begin decarbonizing its transportation fleet and shows just how green hydrogen has a real future in Québec. Harnois Énergies is providing itself with the means to lead the energy transition. This investment is in perfect alignment with our vision to provide the right energy for the right vehicle," explained Serge Harnois, president and CEO of Harnois Énergies.

This announcement follows Harnois Énergies'
initial foray into the world of hydrogen. In 2018, the company announced its project to create Québec's first multi-energy station in Québec City. It is still the only station in Québec where green hydrogen is produced and sold to the public for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

This summer, in partnership with the Government of Québec, Alstom and HTEC, Harnois Énergies will be the hydrogen
producer for the first green-hydrogen-powered passenger train in North America, a project made possible by the
Québec production station.

With energy diversification at the forefront of the company's priorities, Harnois Énergies is looking to the future with an
open mind.

Source: Harnois Énergies


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