Snow Pushers for Compact Equipment

Compatible with small skidsteers, compact tractors and small wheel loaders, Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products’ Compact-Duty plows are perfect for clearing small parking lots, sidewalks and larger driveways.

They feature a sectional moldboard design which allows each section to move up and down independently, enabling the plow to effectively contour to uneven surfaces and remove snow in dips and depressions on the first pass.

Each moldboard section is individually mounted to the plow’s mainframe with engineered polyurethane blocks. In the unlikely event of damage, one single section can easily be unbolted, removed and replaced in less than 15 minutes, providing both time and cost savings.

Designed for equipment weighing up to 2,250 kg, they are available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of equipment.

Source: Arctic Snow and Ice Control

The FFC Snow Push by Paladin Construction Group attaches to skidsteers, backhoes, compact wheel loaders and traditional wheel loaders to efficiently move large volumes of snow without leaving windrows. Available in widths ranging from 182 cm to 488 cm, it can move up to 16 m3 of snow at one time. An optional Pull-Back Kit cleanly draws back snow away from buildings, fences and confined areas, creating a more effective snow removal process. In addition to snow applications, the FFC Snow Push is ideal for waste water, manure, feed, lot and food cleanup.

Source: Paladin Construction Group


Pro-Tech introduces two new Sno Blade attachments for winter maintenance. Featuring independently adjustable wings, the products add extra versatility to the company’s existing line of Sno Pusher™ containment plows.

Sno Blades come with a universal coupler for attaching to skidsteers, and they have a rear mount option for compact tractors. The AB07S includes a 228 cm-wide moldboard, and the AB09S comes with a 275 cm-wide moldboard. Both models come standard with multipositional wings, which can be manually adjusted to 9 different positions according to the operator’s needs.

This design allows Sno Blades to act as pushers, straight blades or variations in-between. Furthermore, the moldboard can be hydraulically angled 30° left or right.

To avoid damage to the equipment and property, the Sno Blade features a bolt-on, reversible steel edge with four trip springs. It also incorporates a floating design for adjusting to ground contours, creating optimal down pressure and providing superior scraping performance.

Source: Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution

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