North America’s First
Sprinter-Mounted Aerial Lift


On April 7th, 2011, Montreal-based Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltd., in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Canada and Time Manufacturing, presented North America’s first articulated/insulated aerial lift installed on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cargo van as part of Montreal’s ExpoCam truck show.

This aerial lift, is the first of its kind in North America approved by Mercedes engineers. Its cargo volume is the largest of its class, and its interior working height is higher than any conventional vans and service bodies available until now.

Sprinter vans equipped with insulated aerial lifts have been available on the European market for a few years and Twin, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and Time, invested over a year’s work in modifying the European version to meet the demands and standards of the Quebec, and Canadian markets, as well as those established by Mercedes-Benz engineers.

Twin would like to thank the Danish team of Time Europe, which offered them an outstanding contribution on this project. Time Europe builds and sells over 300 units of this type every year on the European market.

This first model is equipped with a Versalift ET-36-IFH articulated/insulated aerial lift, which offers a working height of 13 m (42’) with a working reach of 7.3 m (23’10”). With controls both at the basket and at the base, an insulated flyboom, as well as continuous rotation, this unit offers the advantage of not requiring outriggers. Instead, an axle lock system is installed under the chassis, which maximizes the storage space and ease of movement inside the vehicle cargo area.

The interior design of the cargo space was done by Twin’s partner VanPro (Ranger Design) and can be adapted to each customer’s needs.

A demo unit can be seen at Twin’s headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. The production of the first six units for resale is scheduled to start in September. At the present time, Twin is the only certified Mercedes-Benz outfitter for this kind of installation in North America.

Source: Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltd.


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