SPMTs Are Perfect for Tight Spaces


The Swiss heavy haulage specialist Friderici Spécial recently acquired self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) modules from TII SCHEUERLE. The SPMT PowerHoss vehicles serve as replacement chassis for 2 gantry cranes which play an important role in the renewal of the runway at Geneva Airport. Thanks to their versatility, the SPMT PowerHoss transporters will also be used for transport assignments in the energy and construction sectors as well as in industry. As everything has to function smoothly when work is being carried on the runway, Friderici Spécial first performed a practice run: with transformers, the components of a tunnel boring machine – while simultaneously celebrating a Swiss premiere.

Since April, the SPMTs from the Swiss heavy-load logistics company have had to prove their performance capabilities along with their comfortable and easy handling numerous times.

Friderici Spécial transported 2 transformers weighing 100 and 147 t respectively to Martigny in the canton of Valais. The use of the modular transporter on the final stage led along a public road for around 500 m – the first time a transport company had used the SPMT on a public road with special approval of the Motor Vehicle Control Office Switzerland (MFK).

The SPMTs were also used during the dismantling of a tunnel boring machine in the Sarneraatal flood discharge tunnel in the canton of Obwalden.

In Constant Use at Geneva Airport
Now that the Friderici Spécial team was familiar with handling the SPMT PowerHoss, the actual use of the transport and manoeuvring solution could begin. The 4 SPMT PowerHoss 260, each with 6 axle lines and accommodating payloads of up to 256 t, are used at Geneva Airport. The runway there is constantly being refurbished. Concrete slabs, each measuring 15 x 8 m and weighing 180 t, used to create the runway, are being replaced one by one with new prefabricated slabs.

As Geneva Airport has only 1 runway, maintenance work always takes place at night so that regular flight operations are not disrupted in any way.

Up to now, the airport operator has used 2 mobile gantry cranes for this task which alternately transported a concrete slab to and from the actual working area. However, the machines are now showing their age with the chassis being the main problem. The airport operator looked for a replacement solution.

Together with the experts from TII SCHEUERLE, Friderici Spécial developed the concept of replacing the chassis of the gantry cranes with the SPMT PowerHoss – 2 of the module transporters per gantry crane – onto which the supports of the gantry crane are bolted.

“Our search for a functional replacement for the gantry cranes chassis has shown that the SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss is the most efficient solution for this task and the most cost-effective solution in terms of acquisition and operation,” explained Stéphane Friderici.

A concept for implementing emergency operations which is essential at an airport in order not to paralyze flight operations in the event of an emergency also contributed to this choice. The cranes must under no circumstances remain on the runway.

To accommodate this, TII SCHEUERLE has equipped the SPMT PowerHoss with special connecting elements so that it can be driven away in an emergency using an airport towing tractor.
The Geneva Airport contract is expected to last several decades.

Source: TII Group

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