Road Maintenance Department Relies on Telehandler


When winter sets in on the streets of Chemnitz, Germany, the Hainichen road maintenance department is well prepared to clear the roads of snow and ice as quickly as possible. Up to 1,200 t of salt can be stored in the road maintenance depot.

With the help of the SENNEBOGEN telehandler 340 G, these masses are moved efficiently and safely between the hall, the silos and the winter service vehicles to ensure that the snowplows are ready for use quickly.

Next to the hall, there are 2 more tanks for brine preparation on the premises. The salt from the storage facility is filled into the brine maker with the telehandler and is processed there. When the tank reaches a certain level, the mixture is pumped into the nearby storage tank. The winter vehicles are filled with brine from the side hoses of the silo. The 340 G, delivered and commissioned by the local SENNEBOGEN dealer Sander Fördertechnik, takes over the loading of the vehicles with the pure dry salt. The road maintenance department works with the so-called wet salt technology FS30 and FS100. With the FS30 technology, brine (in a mixing ratio of 70% salt and 30% brine) is added to the salt shortly before it is applied to the road surface. Compared to conventional dry salt, the wet salt sticks better to the road surface and is less sensitive to scattering losses due to wind drifts. When there is no snow and only ice or frost, the road maintenance department uses the FS100 technology, which is particularly suitable for preventive gritting. In the process, 100% brine is sprayed onto the roadway. The solution remains on the roadway for a longer time and thus retains a longer de-icing effect. In addition, the amount of salt required per use is significantly reduced.

The advantages of the machine speak for themselves. In addition to the necessary stability and robustness, the telehandler convinces with its maneuverability, especially in the confined spaces inside and outside the building. A crucial point for the road maintenance department is the elevating cab, which allows an unrestricted view of the tanks and trucks.

Since they could not see into the tanks with their former wheel loader, an additional person was needed to assist and navigate during loading. This tedious process is now eliminated thanks to the elevating cab. In this way, the Hainichen road maintenance department can save valuable time and costs and increase their safety at the same time.

To be best prepared for working with salt, the machine was equipped with a special salt package. This includes, among other things, the application of a special wax that provides optimal protection against corrosion damage. Regular maintenance is also easy, thanks in part to the central lubrication.


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