New RTDrill (REICHdrill) Dealer for Eastern Canada


The reputation of the RTDrill brand is well established since it is actually known in Canada as REICHdrill, manufacturer of this equipment since the development of the first hydraulic rotary drill 80 years ago. RTDrill manufactures a full range of rotary and down the hole (DTH) equipment for the water wells, stone pits, construction and mining industries.

RTDrill drills are a reference in the drilling world. Designed and engineered using more traditional techniques, they are simple to operate and more reliable than machines containing more recent technology components – so they are less expensive to maintain and repair, resulting in less downtime for the equipment owner.

Particular attention is given to design improvements that will make the drills more productive and cost-effective. Engineers and resellers interact directly with customers and this interaction is invaluable in developing products that meet specific customer needs.

The manufacturer, located in Pennsylvania, maintains a multi-million-dollar supply of support equipment and spare parts in order to respond quickly to the needs of customers and distributors.

The RTD28 is a DTH-type drill rig for large diameter drilling from 89-152 mm (3½” to 6”) which is operated from inside in a heated and air-conditioned cabin, making it more luxurious and comfortable for the operator than top hammer type machines operated standing beside the machine with a remote control. It is designed for quarrying, blasting, pre-cutting and open-cast mining. This machine is useful where the ground is mostly flat. However, it is less agile in difficult terrain than the drills from Stone Power which will soon be available for customers in Eastern Canada exclusively at Solution Mécanique Diésel (SMD Drilling Equipments), located in the province of Quebec.

The RTD32 is a similar drill and has the same uses as the RTD28 but with greater capacity thanks to its more efficient compressor. It is ideal for large-scale productivity, mining and drilling up to 200 mm (8”) in diameter. It is therefore aimed at a clientele with larger production needs.

The RTD69 PTO is aimed at artesian well drillers who are once again looking for easy-to-use and efficient equipment without costly electronic technology in terms of maintenance and repairs. This drill is mounted on a truck in order to move easily from one jobsite to another to make residential or municipal water wells and even for geothermal energy.

You can find the RTDrill range of drills exclusively at Solution Mécanique Diésel (SMD Drilling Equipments) as they are the only authorized distributor of the brand for Eastern Canada.

Solution Mécanique Diésel (SMD Drilling Equipments) is a Quebec-based company selling machines and parts for all surface drilling equipment and artesian wells, which is truly committed to offering an incomparable service for the maintenance, repair and reconditioning of this type of equipment.

The company also offers on-site rental services for drill mechanics, consulting, training, as well as StonePower drills, Scania engines, Allfett automatic lubrication systems, Pfreundt on-board scales, Technidrill drilling consumables (DTH rods as well as top hammer rods and bits), NBS CAM backup cameras, Montabert hammers and masts, and several other products. Their customers have quick access to a large inventory of spare parts to avoid production losses in the event of a breakdown.

Source: SMD Drilling Equipments

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