Low-Noise and Locally CO2-Neutral Waste Collection in Denmark


The battery-electric eEconic for municipal use is now in operation in Aarhus, Denmark, as a waste collection vehicle for Urbaser A/S. The batteries of the 5 trucks are charged overnight at the company’s depot. Urbaser A/S, has a network of 150 plants in 19 countries. Its 40,000 employees serve more than 70 million people. The waste disposal company has ordered a total of almost 50 vehicles bringing the total eEconic orders to over 100 units in Denmark.

“Our eEconic for municipal tasks is being used in more and more cities as a locally CO2-neutral alternative in waste disposal. We are very pleased that Urbaser A/S, as a valuable customer in this field of application from the very beginning, is completely satisfied with the battery-electric refuse collection vehicle,” said Franziska Cusumano, head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks & Custom Tailored Trucks.

“Our first experiences with the eEconic have been really good. The range is also more than adequate for long runs of over 100 km, around 8 operating hours and the emptying of up to 500 containers. The decisive factor in our company’s decision to go with the eEconic was the combination of the familiar low-entry concept, the high level of safety and the long range,” added Stefan Olin, CEO at Urbaser A/S.

With the eEconic, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has ushered in a new era. The low-floor truck with a permissible gross mass of 27 t and an e-axle with integrated drive unit as well as 2 electric motors is based on the eActros for heavy-duty distribution haulage. The eEconic batteries consist of 3 battery packs, each with an installed capacity of 112 kWh and a usable capacity of around 97 kWh. The truck can be charged with up to 160 kW. It takes just over an hour to charge from 20 to 80% at a standard DC rapid charging station delivering 400 A current.

The electric truck can cover the vast majority of typical Econic refuse collection routes in single-shift operation without intermediate charging. With an anticipatory driving style, recuperation can even recover electrical energy. This is a great advantage, especially as part of the stop-and-go operation of refuse collection. The interactive multimedia cockpit installed as standard in the eEconic provides continuous information on the state of charge of the batteries, the remaining range, and the current and average energy consumption in kWh/100 km, among other things.

Proven features of the conventional Econic, which customers have already particularly appreciated, are also a feature of the eEconic, including the low panoramic windscreen and low seating position.

The low-entry and exit into the spacious cab with space for up to 4 people is ergonomically beneficial. The electric drivetrain enables a level cab floor. This also makes it easier to climb through the cab – a particular advantage, especially if the driver wants to exit on the side facing away from traffic through the folding door on the front passenger side.

As far as safety equipment is concerned, the eEconic features Sideguard Assist S1R for greater safety when turning right, as well as the 5th-generation Active Brake Assist emergency braking system with pedestrian detection. In addition – in accordance with legal requirements – the external Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System is fitted as standard for improved audible perception by pedestrians or cyclists, for example.

Source: Daimler Truck AG

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