Lekatech Revolutionizes Impact Hammer Technology With Linear Electric Motor


Lekatech Oy, a Finnish technology company, recently introduced a groundbreaking electric hammer based on its patented linear electric motor technology, reshaping the market for impact hammers. The electric impact hammer technology is unparalleled worldwide.

“Our technological breakthrough not only enables more energy-efficient earthmoving and mining operations, but also strengthens the realization of a green transition in these fields,” said Antti Anttila, CEO of Lekatech.

Lekatech Electric Hammer is powered by novel and patented linear electric motor technology, developed through years of dedicated research and innovation.

Lekatech’s electric hammer disrupts the traditional hydraulic impact hammer market, catering to both urban and mining environments, especially with the integration of electric carrier machines. The electric hammer increases energy efficiency compared to its hydraulic counterparts. In addition, the Lekatech Electric Hammer significantly outperforms comparable traditional technology, providing twice the blow impact energy of a hydraulic hammer of the same size.
Environmental friendliness and performance go hand in hand with the Lekatech Electric Hammer. Its programmable features provide flexibility and enable continuous digital development.

The Lekatech Electric Hammer enables the use of electric carrier machines in a new magnitude, and allows for seamless integration with electrically-powered machinery, resulting in up to 70% energy savings when factoring in overall energy consumption of the equipment. Furthermore, this innovative hammer eliminates the need for oil and the oil-associated environmental impact of hammering. Oil consumption is reduced by 98% compared to hydraulic hammers.

Source: Lekatech Oy


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