Three Boom Configurations Maximize Flexibility
of Manitowoc 31000 Crawler Crane

The 2,300 t capacity Model 31000, Manitowoc’s massive new crawler crane, is nearing the end of its testing phase and is scheduled to be delivered in early 2012.

In addition to its considerable capacity and unique Variable Position Counterweight, the boom and jib combinations of this highly innovative crane are the longest ever designed for Manitowoc crawler cranes.

Mike Wood, senior product manager with Manitowoc Cranes, says that with a crane the size of the 31000, maximizing flexibility and versatility were major design priorities.

“We have designed the 31000 to be as adaptable as possible,” he said. “The crane is available with multiple boom and jib configurations, as well as five counterweight configurations.”

The 31000 comes standard with a 55 m heavy-lift main boom, but using optional 5 m and 10 m inserts, the main boom can be extended to a total length of 110 m. Optional boom configurations can also dramatically increase the crane’s reach and lift height.

The first attachment is a fixed jib with a basic rating of 1,400 t and a basic configuration of 24 m. Using optional inserts, users can extend the fixed jib to 42 m.

A luffing jib is also available for the 31000. The standard luffing jib is 36 m, but by using optional inserts, the luffing jib can be extended to 114 m. Maximum capacity of the luffing jib is 1,100 t.

The 31000 also has a combination boom, which combines parts of the main boom and the luffing jib. With various inserts, the combination boom has a total maximum length of 138 m.

Wood says that there is always an emphasis on asset management when designing the various boom and jib combinations.

“We are utilizing much of the luffing jib for the fixed jib, and many of the boom sections and boom top of the luffing jib are used in the combination boom, thereby ensuring maximum utilization.”

Source: The Manitowoc Company, Inc.


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